Thankful for kindness of stranger

I live in Vernon and I have a little guest cottage on my property where my niece, her boyfriend and her two children have been living for the past three years. Unfortunately, as is common in our times, there was illegal drug use, along with physical abuse of the children, along with extreme neglect and horrendous living conditions. It was complete squalor and filth. When I had enough and evicted them, they returned a month later to “pack some things.

I got up the next day and went to work, leaving them alone in the house to pack, and upon my return, they were gone, along with the copper pipes in my basement. Water was everywhere, gushing out of the pipes. I was at my wits' end as to how to shut off the water, who to call. I ended up googling a plumber in Vernon and came across Henderson Well and Pump Company out of Hamburg. Kevin Blumhagen, the owner of the company, called me back immediately, and when I explained to him the situation, he came right over — at 9:30 at night. He proceeded to find the circuit breaker, shut off the well pump, and put a temporary fix to the water problem, at least enabling me to flush the toilet.

A week or so later,, his bill came in the mail, close to $500 which I had expected, but on the bill was written PAID. I know I did not pay this, so I called his office for clarification, and when I got Kevin on the phone, he said to me, “don’t worry about it. Put it toward your deductible” This person, Kevin Blumhagen, is a total stranger to me. I never met him before, never spoke with him before, and so I was just floored. Wow, I thought to myself, what a NICE guy.

After all I have been through these past couple months, the stolen pipes, the burglary of my shop in Warwick, the state of disrepair and utter filth that the house was left in — doors smashed off their hinges, countless holes in walls, ripped screens, broken mirrors, and countless bags of garbage. What I have been left with, more than the anger and frustration with my situation, is that there are decent people in the world, and I have been so lucky to have the support of real friends and family during this trying time. I wanted to express my thanks and appreciation to everyone, but in particular to Kevin Blumhagen of Henderson Well and Pump Company. Please, anyone reading this letter, tell your friends and family about the kindness of this stranger and help PAY IT FORWARD!!!!!!

Thank you.
Tim Mullally
Vernon, NJ
May 1. 2005
Jack Barnickle
Nanuet, N.Y. 10954
Henderson Well & Pumps PO Box 829
Vernon, NJ 07462

Dear Kevin,

Thank you so much for your prompt attention to the chlorinating of the well. I talked to several people about the iron problem, and not one person even mentioned about chlorinating the well. It was because of your knowledge that the problem was taken care of.

Thanks Again!
Jack Barnickl

Working with you to plan all your needs
Oct. 6, 2004
Deborah and John Kuhl
Sussex, NJ 07461

Dear Kevin,
This is a letter of thanks to you and your expertise. We were without water for three days and had one of your competitors come in to fix' our problem. After being told that this company would be at our home before noon, I took a half day off f rom work and waited This company did not show up until after 7 pm and did NOT fix our problem!

The next day, I called you. I should have done that in the first place. Your answering service paged you, you called right back and scheduled to meet at my home at 2 pm. We, got home a little after two, and found, not only were you sitting in our driveway waiting for us, you had diagnosed the problem and was prepared to repair it.

Within a 2 hour window, not only did we get our water restored, we had the pleasure of the company qf a polite, educated, well versed professional who was ready, willing and able to answer any and all of our questions.

I would and have recommended you and your company to anyone who has a well or well issues. You are a credit to your profession and I am thankful to have met you and to have you in our community.
With deep gratitude, we remain,

Sinceely yours,
Deborah and John Kuhl

Nov. 1, 2002
Vernon, N 07462
Attn: Carol Henderson--Proprietor

Dear Mrs. Henderson,

Just writing to let you know how satisfied I was with the worked performed at my house on 33 Kushaqua Trail South. Kevin and the gentleman that worked with him were courteous, knowledgeable, and diligent. "Jack" who worked on my driveway was very polite and worked tirelessly along with Kevin. I was very happy with the caliber of people, and service your company provided. My wife spoke to you several months before when our well first dried up and was so impressed with your demeanor that she was adamant that I look for no other company to do the well pump work. I'm glad I listened to her.

In addition, if you could search your records for any history of service work performed at this address regarding well or water repairs, it would be greatly appreciated.
Please forward a copy to my address:

Christian. A. Borre
Hewitt, NJ 07421
Thanking you once again. I would recommend your company without reserve.
Christian A. Bone ,

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